Global Inclusive Leadership

Are you a Global Inclusive Leader? There may have been a time when successful business leaders could have (relatively) safely answered this question, “No.” Today, however, anyone who leads or plans to lead organizations, teams or initiatives, needs to develop and exhibit the ability to work with others across national borders and across cultural lines. […]

Respectful Truth

The (Respectful) Truth Shall Set You Free

If over the last few months, you’ve found yourself in front of a television, a laptop, a tablet, a Smartphone, a newspaper, or even a chatty fellow commuter, you have probably heard a sound byte or two from Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. The politics of Blue vs. Red aside, a noteworthy refrain has come from […]

Unconscious Bias

How do we address “Unconscious Bias”? Whether partnering with clients to navigate their Diversity and Inclusion Journey or engaging with new clients who are just beginning to assess the state of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in their organizations, questions around unconscious bias are becoming more and more common. Many of the questions center around the […]

SHRM Speakers Overview

SHRM Speakers Overview

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Managing Privilege 12.8.14  

Lesson from Freguson 12.1.14

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Latino Explosion 11.24.14  

Best Talent 11.17.14

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Cultural Competence 11.10.14

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