HRCAJ Webinar

HR Transformation: From Reactive Process Manager to Proactive Change Agent

How to Become a Strategic Business Partner for D&I


WED. MARCH 29 // 11:00AM CST



In this one hour webinar, The Kaleidoscope Group will share with you the HR Change Agent Journey, the path to Cultural Competence that leads to HR to maximizing its capability and role through the successful implementation of inclusive practices and processes throughout all business units. Join us and learn the keys to developing your Cultural Competence and leveraging it to:

  • Educate individuals on topics of D&I and their impact on organizational success
  • Coach leaders and managers through their Development Journeys
  • Develop and implement sustainable and sustained D&I efforts

While we invite everyone interested in learning more, this webinar will have especially high impact for:

  • HR Leaders
  • Learning & Development Leaders
  • Chief Talent Officers

Who might be frustrated with the state of D&I efforts in your organization, looking to understand how HR can add value to D&I strategies, or aspiring to create new, productive relationships and energizing opportunities in your organization.

Leadership is an intense journey into yourself. You can use your own style to get anything done. It's about being self-aware.

Jeffrey R. Immelt

Chairman of the Board & CEO, General Electric

HR comes into contact with every business unit and function, whether through hiring, training or addressing individual grievances. Unfortunately, too many HR leaders spend their valuable time putting out fires rather than helping their organization blaze a trail to the kind of inclusive culture that drives efficiency, innovation, and bottom line success. 

Properly executed Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) efforts create improved engagement, employee satisfaction, recruitment, and bottom line impact. As a change agent, you are positioned to help make all that happen.

The HR Change Agent Journey to becoming a strategic D&I business partner will put you on the road to superior individual performance and unforeseen organizational success.

Join us on Wednesday March 29 at 11am CST for HR Transformation: From Reactive Process Manager to Proactive Change Agent and take the first step.