The purpose, objectives, and responsibilities surrounding Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) success span in many directions. Due to the complexity, organizations frequently struggle in simplifying this process. As organizations address D&I, a clear road map is needed to align all stakeholders in a unified manner. We help ensure your D&I framework and initiatives are consistent throughout your D&I strategies.  

Once the assessment and recommendations are finalized, Kaleidoscope will provide a strategy framework customized in-line with your organization’s vision, identified diversity issues and recommendations.  Kaleidoscope will then guide and partner with you to finalize the comprehensive strategic goals, objectives, tactics, timelines, associated measurement and evaluation process.  Once leaders have signed off on the strategy, a communication and implementation plan will be developed.

Key activities:

  • Craft three year strategic framework linked to Vision of Success (leveraging assessment data)
  • Present framework and measurement scorecard.
  • Refine strategic framework and measurement scorecard based on feedback from the client
  • Finalize three-year strategic roadmap for the future with measurement scorecard and process (Kaleidoscore) based on D&I Vision of Success, feedback from the Assessment
  • Change management and communication plan with associated risk mitigation recommendations

Next Steps:

The outcome of this strategy include practical, actionable, next steps that include:

  • Create clarity regarding the direction of D&I within the organization
  • Align D&I goals with business goals
  • Integrate D&I into the organization
  • Provide a three-year framework from which annual D&I plans can be developed
  • Determine how various activities can support D&I success strategically vs. ad hoc

Where to go next: