In order for organizations to develop an effective Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy that will help them achieve their Vision of Success (The Vision), a D&I Baseline Assessment is needed to understand the perceptions of all stakeholders regarding the current state of D&I in the organization.

The assessment will enable the organization to address the real issues, rather than symptoms of the problem, and achieve desired business outcomes against The Vision. The D&I Baseline Assessment focuses on identifying strengths and opportunities in the areas of an inclusive work environment, leadership commitment, fair people practices, business impact and the valuing of differences in day-to-day work.  It also focuses on gathering participants’ recommendations.

The D&I Baseline Assessment helps to:

  • Understand current environment’s D&I strengths and opportunities for improvement against the The Vision.
  • Create a baseline for monitoring D&I progress and measuring success
  • Identify differences in employee perceptions of D&I which can exist between demographic groups (e.g. age, race, gender, job classification, tenure, etc.) or within combinations of these demographics
  • Critically analyze human resources practices to ensure that D&I is appropriately integrated and the processes reinforce desired behaviors
  • Establish management commitment
  • Garner employee ownership and involvement in the change process.
  • Create true understanding of the real issues
  • Establish strong foundation for culture change

To achieve these objectives, our methodology includes:

  • Web-based D&I survey
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • HR People Practices Review(s)
  • In-depth demographic data review

In addition to our D&I Baseline Assessment, we might enlist other assessments that are right for you, including:

  • Organization Review
  • D&I Check Up (Mini Assessment of all 5 Strategic Focus Areas)
  • D&I Cultural or Workplace Assessments
  • Other Focus Area Assessments: Workforce, Marketplace, Community and Supplier
  • Education Review
  • Communication Review
  • Accountability Review
  • BRG Maturity Assessment

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