The killing of George Floyd on May 25th by members of the Minneapolis Police Department has amplified the tragic loss of many Black lives.

As human beings, we must recognize that inequity, exclusion, and injustice exist and must be eliminated. The acknowledgment that Black Lives Matter is crucial and requires perseverance.

We are re-committing to our values to promote impactful action on this continued journey.

Real People:

We raise our voices as anti-racist and we encourage others to do the same.

We honor the range of emotions to guide us to a purposeful plan to do better.

Real Conversations:

We are committed to meaningful conversations focused on positive change.

We will promote respectful discussions while offering new ways to honor and listen to each other.

Real Issues:

We acknowledge the social impact of issues, particularly systemic racism.

We will empower people to do their personal work and seek out continued education.

Real Change:

We strive to transform this world, rooted in unity.

We are committed to removing barriers that prevent us from living our full human potential.

We will continue to show up for the Black community, for all people of color, for marginalized groups, and for everyone that seeks diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We all have the human right to breathe.