Latino Explosion 11.24.14  

Best Talent 11.17.14

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Cultural Competence 11.10.14

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Unlocking the Bias Box 11.3.14

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The Future of Diversity 10.27.14

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Diversity Hour of Power

The Diversity Hour of Power is a podcast series that explores the many facets of Diversity & Inclusion. The conversation and topics discussed during the Diversity Hour of Power serve as a platform to delve deeper into the business relevance of Diversity & Inclusion; valuable to both internal stakeholders along with external audiences. Further, The […]

Evolution of Diversity 10.13.14

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Executive Commitment 10.20.14

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Latino Explosion

Latino Explosion Webinar, July 30th, 2014

Join Margarita De Leon and Orlando Bishop from The Kaleidoscope Group for this informative Webinar to learn about the impact of Latinos on the culture and business environment. In the United States, the Latino population consists of approximately 53 million people, which is about 17% of the total. Latinos are the largest minority group in the country, having increased by 15 million people in […]