Leveraging differences, achieving superior results, and, ultimately, creating an inclusive culture is not something that happens by chance. That kind of cultural transformation requires that we deliberately engage our thoughts, mold our beliefs, and modify our behaviors towards inclusion.

When we strategically execute a practical approach to driving the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that allow us to “value and leverage differences to achieve superior results,” we are practicing Conscious Inclusion.

In many organizations, inclusive practices are prioritized among a few (often Business or Employee Resource Groups), leaving other key stakeholders vulnerable to behaviors that work against engaging DE&I initiatives. When everyone in an organization is conscious of inclusion, the burden of independently owning DE&I is released from the BRG or ERG. Leadership is able to focus more on strategic outcomes and engagement increases.

In this Real Conversations series, we sit down to talk about some of the important aspects of inclusion at work, our experiences and perspectives, and how we can learn and understand more from each other.




The Kaleidoscope Group encourages real conversations among real people to create real change. We invite you to join us and share your voice through some exciting events coming up that are focused on inclusion at work:

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