Diversity Hour of Power

The Diversity Hour of Power is a podcast series that explores the many facets of Diversity & Inclusion. The conversation and topics discussed during the Diversity Hour of Power serve as a platform to delve deeper into the business relevance of Diversity & Inclusion; valuable to both internal stakeholders along with external audiences.

Further, The Diversity Hour of Power is led by Doug Harris, CEO of The Kaleidoscope Group, who brings over 25 years of experience to the conversation around Diversity & Inclusion. Joining Doug are leaders from the World’s top organizations who share their challenges and triumphs. The goal is to arm today’s leadership with the tools that will move them towards preparedness for the demands of tomorrow’s workplace.

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What is the Diversity Hour of Power? Setting the Stage

The Diversity Hour of Power is a vehicle in connecting and exposing a greater variety of people with the thoughts, discoveries, and over 25 years of expertise that Doug Harris brings to the Diversity & Inclusion field. The primary objective of this program is to cultivate the capabilities of leadership through an educational and enlightening learning experience that truly conveys innovation and empowerment through a real conversation for today’s organizations. Listeners are invited to join the conversation and connect with Doug through both call and text. This type of engagement will allow listeners to ask questions as well as challenge Doug in an open and honest dialogue. All are encouraged to interact and help direct the focus of topics throughout the series via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn