Even when executives are committed to the subject of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), we cannot assume that the commitment is aligned on a team level.  It’s crucial that the Executive Leadership Team is on the same page and has a broad understanding of D&I, the business impacts of D&I and their role as leaders in the process.  This executive buy-in is essential in ensuring success and driving sustainable outcomes from the D&I efforts within the organization.  

Our executive alignment strategies give leaders a safe place to have real dialogue around their perspectives on D&I. Even when leaders are committed, their commitment can be limited or couched in an unreal understanding of their culture as it relates to D&I.  Our executive alignment process is often referred to as “moving leaders from approval to commitment” and clearly identifying the difference between the two.  This process involves:

  • Develop interview guide for one-on-one interviews

  • Conduct up to eight (8), thirty-minute phone interviews with selected leaders

  • Kaleidoscope to review all collected data and share highlights with you

  • Design and review an Executive Alignment Session with you

  • Develop session materials

  • Facilitate a 2 to 4 session with Executive Leadership Team to provide a summary of the findings, explore the business case for D&I, share best practice studies and gain commitment and alignment on the topic of D&I.

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