In The Spirit Of Diversity and Inclusion

Ok, I am pretty uncomfortable writing this blog post, but in support of my team, in the spirit of diversity and inclusion and for my love and devotion to the company I work for, The Kaleidoscope Group, here goes…

Jodi Matas, Marketing Director…What does that really mean to me? What do I want others to see, beyond my title?  

Several months ago, Doug Harris, CEO of the Kaleidoscope Group asked everyone, “Think about who you are to Kaleidoscope Group and how you drive KG’s success.  What title would you give yourself?”

Ok, don’t laugh…I gave myself the title of, “Marketing Ninja of Official Execution”.  To me, this means being extremely organized, thorough, having excellent skills in team, project, and risk management. Those are just a few. Yep, that’s what I said.  But did I say it because that’s how I feel people see me? Or did I say that because that’s what I am? Both. BUT, is that all I am, is that all I strive to be? Nope.  

I am emotionally intelligent.  You might ask, how does that apply to the workplace?  To me, it does. When we go to work, let’s face it if we are being “real”, we bring our whole selves to work, not just half of us, right? I am intelligent enough to know that what motivates my colleague, Alex, may be very different from what motivates my other colleague, Orlando.  When it comes to my closest colleagues, I’ve taken the time to know how to talk to them. I make it a point to take a genuine interest in what makes others tick. This behavior has helped me learn from and value others.

I am creative and love creating a more specialized approach to projects vs. checking a box.  At the Kaleidoscope Group, I have been told time and time again that I am one that “gets stuff done”.  But I am more than that. I am creative. I seek out answers to the hard questions and am energized by new challenges.  I am a firm believer in innovation. In my role, I do feel that sometimes it’s difficult for me to get in touch with my innate creativity because it feels like in my role, that’s not where my skills are strongly needed.  Right now, my creativity is primarily showcased in my life as a mom and a wife. I get creative when I have to whip dinner together after a long day. I get creative when I have to put an outfit together, that I feel looks “good” on me for that one night out a month.  I get creative in ways to reward my children for a job well done or disciplinary measures when I want them to act a certain way. Right now, the buck stops there.

What’s my point?

If I want others to see me in an emotionally intelligent and as even more creative, I need to change. I can just be a “say-er”, I need to show them.  Now, I could list out 24 ways in which I think I can be seen in these additional spaces, but that would make me a “get-er-done” person again. I would love to hear from you.  So, to all those creative people out there – what would you suggest I do? Ok, go! Thanks in advance for your input!

Jodi Matas
Marketing Ninja of Official Execution and Then Some