Building Law Enforcement Capacity Through Conscious Inclusion

To serve and protect.

The phrase seems so simple, but to anyone who has responded to a call knows that in the real world, things are a lot more complicated. One complicating factor is a need for cultural competence and the ability to interact effectively across lines of difference, whether those differences be gender, class, race or any of the many dimensions that make each of us who we are. The better each officer is at working across those lines, the more likely each officer is to serve and protect their community, their partners, fellow officers, and ultimately themselves. Our goal is to provide you with tools to make it most likely that everyone makes it home safe and sound to their family and loved ones at the end of every watch.

Moving Past Implicit Bias Toward Conscious Inclusion

The Kaleidoscope Group provides full-service consultancy to law enforcement agencies to support and enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) throughout public safety organizations. A culture of diversity and inclusion is more than “the right thing to do”. Strategic use of diversity and inclusion positions law enforcement agencies to maximize value in community engagement, service delivery, improved workforce sustainability, and promote officer safety. Our guiding mission is to support law enforcement agencies by providing expert guidance in using DEI skills as a strategic tool to avoid liability, improve safety outcomes, enhance relations with communities, and meet legislative and professional mandates through targeted consultancy and employee development.

We believe proactive and deliberative planning prevents negative impacts associated with failure to view DEI as a strategic and necessary policing tool. 

Consciously Inclusive Public Safety Means:

  • Expanding your knowledge and practice of cultural competence in your communities

  • Arming officers and leadership with tools and strategies to reward officers for practicing conscious inclusion

  • Enhancing powerful de-escalation strategies to keep officers and community safe

  • Foster a departmental culture that supports officers for being effective and more trusted public servants

We offer expert law enforcement guidance in DEI strategies

Our services are facilitated by experts with law enforcement experience, organizational development, and DEI practice so content is grounded in reality and not unrealistic scenarios that aren’t relevant to your work:

  • Organizational climate assessments

  • Policy and procedure review

  • Policy and standard operating procedure development, refinement

  • Guidance on officer recruitment, retention, promotion with an eye toward diversity and inclusion

  • Executive and leadership coaching in a 1:1 environment

  • A suite of training options including:

    • Train-the-Trainer (with lifetime certification and support)
    • 2-hour, 3-hour, 4-hour, and full-day training customized to the needs of each agency.
    • A cornerstone of all training options includes guidance on implementing The Kaleidoscope Group’s unique “Conscious Inclusion” as the foundation for promoting meaningful change

Recognizing that the starting place for real change begins with relevant, high-quality training, we offer educational options on a variety of topics, including implicit and explicit bias, profiling by proxy, procedural justice and inclusion, integrating DEI in community policing, managing personal bias and privilege, inclusive communication skills, and inclusive management and team diversity. Our educational workshops are organized as modules so that agencies can select and customize modules to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Let us help your law enforcement agency move toward conscious inclusion.

Jessie Lee, Strategic Alliance Partner & Executive Consultant with The Kaleidoscope Group and Paradigm Public Affiars

Jessie Lee
Strategic Alliance Partner & Executive Consultant

Dr. Lee is a Strategic Alliance Partner and Executive Consultant for the Kaleidoscope Group, a law enforcement executive, senior advisor, and a strategy consultant who has championed diversity and inclusion in public safety, law enforcement, and higher education. Dr. Lee is the former Executive Director of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives and currently serves as a senior advisor to the Executive Search and Assessment Center team for the International Association of Chiefs of Police. In this role, Dr. Lee oversees a variety of large management studies. Dr. Lee has also served on the Board of Directors of the Community Policing Consortium. Dr. Lee specializes in working with police agencies to improve and strengthen relationships with the community and has collaborated with 4 U.S. Attorneys General to advise public policy related to special populations, minorities, and community relations.

Our approach to every project and law enforcement organization is to get to know you and your unique DEI needs. Together we can create a Vision of Success for your agency. The first step is easy – click the button below to share some information with us to guide our next conversations together.

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