Pulse Check: Inclusive Marketing

Chris Bintliff, marketing consultant for The Kaleidoscope Group, helps us understand the importance of inclusive marketing. In this video, he makes a distinction between the verb marketing and the noun. The verb, marketing is about telling your story to people who care. The noun, marketing refers to the Marketing department inside an organization.  Both the verb and the noun are enhanced when the thinking and approach are inclusive.  Are you telling your story to include the right people and reach a broader audience? Does your marketing department have the capacity to speak to a broader and more inclusive audience? The ability to be inclusive has real bottom-line ramifications.

If more people care about our story, but we are not representing those people, or even speaking to those people, that is a lost sales opportunity. If marketing departments don’t have the capacity in the form of diverse voices to speak to those people authentically, that is also a lost sales opportunity. Is your organization even considering the concept of inclusive marketing? If so, this video might help you as you evaluate your framework. If not, this video will help you rethink your approach to marketing altogether.