I have been serving The Kaleidoscope Group for over a decade, and have been instrumental in laying a strong foundation for the organization’s continued success. My approach is enthusiastic and action-oriented which has led to my involvement in nearly every facet of the organization. As a thought leader, I transparent, passionate, and committed to the company’s mission.

Amy Zimmerman is the Executive Assistant and Operations Director for The Kaleidoscope Group (KG), a full-service diversity and inclusion consulting firm dedicated to unlocking the human potential. Some of her responsibilities include providing a bridge for smooth communication between the CEO and internal departments and serving as the point of contact and planning of the entire event from start to finish.

Amy has been with KG for 14 years and currently plays several roles within the organization. In this role, she is not afraid to take risks. With any failures that occur, she looks at them as learning experiences. She believes in embracing the impossible and doing the unexpected.

Prior to working at KG, she served as a Real Estate Paralegal in Schaumburg, IL. Outside of work, Amy loves participating in extreme sports and charcoal drawing.