I strongly believe in the energy that is generated from helping others feel better about themselves, feel included and valued. This energy fuels me. When I see Diversity and Inclusion challenges and issues, I want to mend them by using my gifts and experiences. That brings me to my goal in life: To help others become more culturally aware and inclusive, using their uniqueness to make a difference in the world.

Flor García serves as an Engagement Leader and DEI Consultant in the Global Practice at The Kaleidoscope Group. Although born in Venezuela, Flor has spent most of her adult life living and working in the United States and Europe. As an Intercultural Communication Specialist and certified DEI consultant, she is eager to share her passion for culture and diversity with people from different backgrounds. Flor has extensive experience as a mediation lawyer in Venezuela. She is also a university professor and business director with the skills needed to understand the value of working with different customs, standards, and social norms in different professional fields.

Flor has a Linguistic Masters Degree from the Universidad de Jaén, Spain with more than ten years of experience delivering intercultural training in Spanish and English to executives in South America, the United States, and Germany. She is a Certified Legal Spanish trainer, academic curriculum, and content creator. Flor’s professional path also includes being a Bootstrap-Solo entrepreneur who mentors immigrant women interested in building and launching their own digital businesses. In addition to her professional work, she also volunteers as an ambassador for Venezolanas Globales in Germany, a nonprofit organization created to mentor and empower migrant Venezuelan women abroad. Flor is fluent in Spanish and English and has a working knowledge of German.