Being a culture nomad, I keep my mind, eyes and heart open while exploring what it is that makes us unique, and what connects us in different corners of the world. I celebrate differences and strive to empower people to accept themselves as well as others the way they truly are. I dedicate my existence to spreading the message that with the right mindset, everywhere can be home.

Gradiola (Jola) Kapaj is a Client Services Manager for The Kaleidoscope Group, a full-service diversity and inclusion consulting firm dedicated to unlocking human potential. As a Global Client Services Manager, Jola manages the coordination and project management aspects of The Kaleidoscope Group’s global clientele.

In her previous management position at Learnlight, she worked in the global mobility section working with Fortune 500 companies managing intercultural, business, and leadership development programs as well as coaching for individuals and groups around the world. As an experienced intercultural program manager, Jola helped organizations prepare their assignees to maximize their success in working across cultures.

Gradiola has a master’s in International Business Management gained in Austria. There she joined SIETAR Europa and lead the first international team of the congress in Dublin, followed by congresses in Milan/Italy, Malaga/Spain, Leuven/Belgium, and Paris/France. She divides her time between Albania (her current country of residence) and Europe, organizing Intercultural Congresses where the latest development and tools of leading and executive training are shared. Her latest work is the International Virtual Congress of IACCM.

Gradiola is specialized in international team management, virtual team management, and voluntary team management. She has led several international teams and has been a guest lecture at the University of Leibniz Hanover in Germany, FH Vienna, and FH Kaernten in Austria.

She speaks several languages besides Albanian and English such as Italian, German, Spanish, and is currently learning French.