I am a master organizer with strong analytical, strategy and leadership skills. I have a keen eye for detail. I plan and execute projects with confidence and enthusiasm. I love to learn. Learning new things is my eternal mission and the key to my growth both personally and professionally.

With more than 20 years of experience to include a strong background in project management, implementation, and execution, Jodi Matas possesses a professional image with strong organizational, analytical and leadership skills. Additionally, she brings a skill-set that includes a high degree of organization, outstanding management capabilities, superb communication skills and a wide breadth of experience that gives you the versatility to place her in any number of situations where she will exceed your expectations.

Jodi began her career at C. Beck and Associates where she supervised a customer service team of ten and was responsible for the maintenance of over 30,000 physician-based accounts. She maintained daily contact with medical professionals (clients), processed over 200 invoices weekly, served as a liaison between Medical Products Division and clients, and handled related administrative duties. From there, she was promoted to Senior Client Services Administrator. In this position, Jodi maintained sales forecasts and projections, handled daily correspondence with physicians, arranged all domestic/international travel and client-oriented functions, served as a liaison between recruiting firm and office personnel, prepared promotional presentations and followed up with pharmaceutical firms and moderators. After only one year in this position, Jodi was promoted to Associate Account Executive. With this promotion, Jodi was given the authority to develop and manage the entire Speaker Bureau Division, which encompassed 48% of the company business and over 300 medical professionals. Jodi was responsible for coordinating hundreds of physician to physician teleconferences and dinner meetings on a monthly basis.

After nearly four years at C. Beck & Associates, Jodi was ready to take on an even greater challenge.  Jodi left with a letter of recommendation from the CEO and joined a pharmaceutical-based web conferencing company, ConferenceShow, Inc., as Project Manager and Executive Assistant to the CEO.  Jodi took full advantage of the benefits of working for a smaller company, expanding her role to fill any need, as well as broadening her skill-set. Within one months’ time, she was managing world-wide pharmaceutical-based internet conferencing and dinner meetings. She served as a liaison between all departments (content delivery, graphic design, accounting, creative) and outside vendors (telephone & Internet conferencing companies, translators) as well as maintained direct daily contact with pharmaceutical clientele and physician speakers. However, the business took a down-turn and ConferenceShow, Inc. was no longer able to provide her with full-time employment. As the last internal employee of the company, the CEO requested that she continue to work for his organization part-time. 

Jodi loved her work at ConferenceShow, Inc. and was very disappointed when economic hardship meant that the company was no longer able to provide her with employment. Jodi sought out full-time employment and began working for Motivation Excellence, Inc.

Utilizing her vast skill-set, Jodi quickly mastered her role as Creative Program Manager with Motivation Excellence, Inc. Jodi served as the primary contact on several client accounts and lead day-to-day management and optimization of campaigns with the sales executives. She ensured that all processes and procedures were completed, quality standards were met, and programs were profitable. She also proactively found new ways to build client business, as she developed and executed multiple marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies designed specifically around performance improvement. However, after nearly three and a half years of service, the organization conducted a second round of lay-offs, and due to lack of work, Jodi’s position was eliminated. Jodi left the organization with a letter of recommendation, written by the Vice President of Marketing.

In January 2008, Jodi took on a position as a Corporate Procurement Specialist with Pliant Corporation.  In this position, she was responsible for improving corporate activities to achieve maximum expense control and productivity.   She managed and coordinated all budget activities/analysis, funding, audit processes, purchasing functional activities, policy, efficiencies, procedures, and practices for accomplishing the company’s financial goals. She was also responsible for the optimization of the supplier base into a select group of proven high-quality suppliers and strategic partner relationships. She worked closely with all levels of management within the company to determine needs, develop strategies and plan and provide procurement sources in support of those needs. After almost two years of service, the company was bought out by a competitor and Jodi’s position was eliminated. 

Shortly thereafter, Jodi began working for Orange Peel Marketing as a Project Leader who is recognized as an accomplished, results-driven leader responsible for demonstrating successful experience driving market share, brand recognition, and revenue improvements through strategic marketing initiatives.

Jodi has many talents that separate her from the crowd, ranging from her superior organization skills, negotiation skills, and the ability to prioritize and re-prioritize at a moment’s notice, creativity, innovation and top-notch communication and technical skills. Jodi has a proven history of being an outstanding asset to any organization that would employ her.