I am a futuristic thinker fueled by the constant opportunity to strategically develop and publish digital marketing content that is designed to engage users in a meaningful way, while creating an interactive relationship between a business’s current and potential clients. I am a team player with leadership qualities. I strive to execute plans with enthusiasm and determination. I believe in unconditional open-mindedness to learn new things. Any knowledge shared is a gift that can be adopted and modified to fit the individual’s construct.

Katherine Potts is the Digital Marketing Specialist and Events Coordinator for The Kaleidoscope Group (KG), a full-service Diversity and Inclusion consulting firm dedicated to unlocking the human potential. Her responsibilities include creating content for all digital platforms, maintaining the firm’s social media presence, managing sales-related inquiries generated from her marketing efforts, and managing SEO and Google optimization. She also manages and coordinates any events the firm is involved in.

During her time at KG, she has been utilizing her creativity to generate interactive and engaging content for all of the firm’s digital platforms. As an open minded individual, Katherine always prioritizes the future of KG and how those possibilities can come to life.

She collaborates with coworkers to stay up to date about the world of Diversity. Equity, and Inclusion. Something that led Katherine to KG was her desire to work in the business field while having the opportunity to hone in on her creative instincts. Her motivation stems from her curiosity of people and the world around her.

Prior to working at KG, she was the Digital Marketing Specialist and Assistant Sales Manager at Logical Position, a Digital Marketing Agency.

Katherine has an educational background in Marketing. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Mars Hill University and a master’s degree from Lynn University. Outside of work, she enjoys live music, traveling, and yoga. She resides in Clearwater, FL