The power of people to contribute to the mission and vision of any organization flows from a grounded and affirming sense of who they are culturally and historically. As well, the organization seeking to master utilizing the intellectual and emotional capacity of its members, necessarily recognizes, fosters, and affirms the sense of who its members are in terms of the validity of their humanity. Many cultures around the globe have contributed to what manifests as the human sense of being and knowing. To foster diversity and inclusion means to recognize and embrace the variety of ways of being and knowing to facilitate innovation and more just ways of being and knowing.

Michael A. Washington is a consultant for the Kaleidoscope Group. He has held numerous positions with Shell Oil Company for 13 years, more recently as General Manager of a Catalyst Manufacturing facility, Continuous Improvement Expert, Global Commercial for the Americas delivering more than 70 million dollars in optimization improvements over 4 years and as V.P North American Logistics Operations, Shell Lubricants with responsibility for over 30 Distribution Centers and blending plant warehouses in the United States and Canada and staff in the Philippines. This role in North American Supply Chain is responsible for a quarter billion-dollar operational budget and over 400 staff and managers.

He previously served as the Director of Business Development and Strategic Marketing and Director of Contract Manufacturing for Diversapack, LLC, a certified Minority Business Enterprise manufacturer of flexible films and contract manufactured products. Dr.Washington was also President and CEO of Pedes Inc, a supply chain management company focusing on enabling vendor managed inventory programs for major food and beverage manufacturing organizations.

His experience prior to these ventures was at Procter and Gamble in various capacities in the Engineering Division for Package Soaps and Detergents, Research and Development (PS&D) and Corporate Purchases (Target HUBs) Department.

He received degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering from Fisk University and Tuskegee Institute, respectively. A Master of Arts in History and Culture and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies concentration, Ethical and Creative Leadership (both from Union Institute and University). He has expanded his business perspective and skill set by attending executive educational programs at Wharton, Dartmouth and Emory Universities. This diversity in experience, education, corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors along with continuous community service, add depth and texture to expanding diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

He is married to Davida Smith, Tuskegee U Chemical Engineering graduate and the father of (daughter) Akili, a Tuskegee U Chemical Engineering graduate and a son, Ajani at Howard University.