As a consultant and coach, I help people understand how they are linked across time, distance, race, ethnicity, religion, economic levels, languages, or cultures. I make it possible for individuals to work together by breaking down barriers that separate them. My depth of experience with people and cultures across the globe in diverse environments enables me to discern a client’s needs and empower them to work through the business and personal issues impacting their lives. I instinctively recognize that people grow and benefit when they emphasize their strong points. Authenticity is never fully achieved until we can remove our masks and be who we are at our core. Being authentic gives us a firm ground on which to stand that is immutable and immovable incapable of being swayed from its core. Because we have been trained to assimilate into society and culture, we are often unsure of who our authentic self is. Our diversity becomes uniformity as we strive to do what fits in. My passion is to have people remove their masks and be their true selves by showing them what their strengths are and having them live those strengths in their everyday lives. The result has a practical and business-savvy lasting and positive impact on cultures, teams, and individuals.

Michaelle has spent her career understanding human nature. Majoring in economics, she developed models of behavior that showed why people made certain decisions. Throughout her career, Michaelle developed a deep understanding of the psychology and diversity of consumers of all ages, clients, patients, professionals, C-Suite occupants, and Board members.  She has worked for global organizations such as Abbott Labs, Cardinal Health, Baxter, University of Chicago Medicine, Chamberlain, Citibank, Gallup and Follett. In addition, Michaelle has worked with several non-profits such as Housing Forward and Chicago Foundation for Women.

Michaelle has conducted research in 6 of 7 continents and is fascinated by the diversity of people and the challenges we face becoming more inclusive of all people. Michaelle has a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. in Marketing/Market Research from DePaul University.