Eager for change in the world, I am value-driven with a desire to help people both professionally and personally, work together towards meaningful transformation. I am a creative thinker with a strategic approach. I encourage challenges, am passionate about creating real change, and seek to bring out the best in the people around me. I am drawn to the differences in people and their experiences that make for elevated and informed conversations and believe that being kind goes a long way.

Natalie (Nat) Guzmán is a Jr. Client Service Manager for The Kaleidoscope Group, a full-service Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consulting firm dedicated to unlocking human potential. Natalie is a Client Service Manager (CSM) responsible for overseeing the relationships between our clients and The Kaleidoscope Group. As a CSM, her goal is to make certain that each client’s experience with The Kaleidoscope Group is nothing short of exceptional. Her hope is that each client will have exposure to how impactful this work can be for their companies as well as their own lives by learning and applying all that KG has to offer.

Natalie graduated from Columbia College downtown, where she graduated with a BA in Photography and a minor in Education. Natalie started with The Kaleidoscope Group as an intern in May of 2020 and joined the team full-time at the beginning of 2021.

She currently resides in Plainfield, IL, but is looking forward to moving back to Chicago soon. She is bilingual in the Spanish language, studying it in high school and fine-tuning it whenever she visits Mexico. Outside of work, Natalie spends her time interning at People Church, overthinking how to be a good “plant mom”, as she is a connoisseur of plants, and spends time in her kitchen taking up the hobby of bread-making.