As an Industrial/ Organizational Psychologist, I have made it my personal mission to make work suck less for people. There is really no need to “dread Monday mornings” and “going back to the daily grind” when people have a genuine passion for their work and their organization’s culture supports and empowers them to be their best selves. I work with my clients to drive this type of organizational change by integrating their people data, operational data, and qualitative interview data to tell the story of the employee experience and uncover the most effective strategies to drive the organization forward.

Dr. Rachel Baghelai is the VP of Measurement and Assessment for The Kaleidoscope Group, a full-service diversity and inclusion consulting firm dedicated to unlocking the human potential. She leads the assessment practice team, whose primary focus is to understand each organization’s unique culture, employee experience, and critical aspects of people management. This ensures that any recommended actions support the organization’s transformation and result in greater, positive impact.

Rachel is a PhD-level Industrial/ Organizational Psychologist and PMP-certified Project Manager with 14+ years in professional services working both as an external and internal consultant. The key to her success has always been in her ability to build relationships with others from all walks of life to really understand the needs of her clients and the people that make up their organizations.  Further, Rachel has earned advanced degrees in both business and psychology, which allows her to approach each new project and opportunity with a focus on both the analytical and human components within the organizational framework. She has methodological expertise in measurement and evaluation strategy, qualitative and survey data design and collection, statistical analysis, and research reporting.

Over the years, Rachel’s clients have encompassed numerous organizations in the private and public sectors where she has led and supported organizational initiatives through design, research, measurement and evaluation, data analysis, and executive reporting. She utilizes her expertise in consultative solution design, project management, training design and development, program evaluation, quantitative and qualitative research methods, data analysis, and executive reporting to ensure each project that she works on is completed on time with the highest levels of quality to meet the needs of her clients.

Prior to joining the Kaleidoscope Group, Rachel worked for Econometrica, Inc., a management and research firm, where she provided project management, research, and analytical expertise on numerous projects for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. She has also worked as an internal consultant leading the workforce analytics groups at Groupon and Abbott and as an external consultant at Corporate Executive Board in the survey and talent management practice groups.