Stacy feels strongly about recognizing and owning her privilege for exactly what it is: a responsibility. Stacy knows that as a person of privilege, she has had access to opportunities that others around her haven’t. She’s carried that sentiment with her throughout her personal and professional life and feels strongly about using her voice to lift up others, to be a part of creating opportunities where they don’t exist today, and to challenge others in positions of privilege to do the same. Her passion for people brought her into the DEI space, but the work has given her even more in return. 

As a self-described “business leader with a passion for people,” Stacy has led all realms of the HR function in a variety of settings.

Stacy built out the People & Culture functions of brightpeak financial, a financial services startup division of Thrivent Financial, growing the team from 14 to over 160. brightpeak offered a once in a lifetime opportunity: Stacy benefited from the creative, fast-paced
environment of a mission-driven start-up company, but had the financial backing of a Fortune 500 company. She spent five years working closely with the Executive team to create people strategies that positioned the team to deliver on organizational strategies in the areas of Talent & Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Workforce Relations, Organization Design, and Culture.

Stacy was selected to be a Diversity and Inclusion facilitator for Thrivent’s senior leadership team, trained and certified through The Kaleidoscope Group. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion space blessed her with some of the most powerful experiences in her career. These sessions granted her the opportunity to push people of privilege, herself included, to lean into tough conversations around race, privilege, and biases and work to understand the beauty that our differences bring to our workplace and world. She’s carried these core principles with her in all aspects of her work.

Stacy left the start-up space to join Cargill, the largest privately-held company in the world. She moved from her 160 person organization in the Twin Cities to Cargill’s 160,000 person organization spanning across the globe. After leading several large-scale global transformations, she now serves as the strategic consulting leader for Cargill’s Organization Development practice, consulting across culture, leadership development, change management, and organization design.

Anyone who knows Stacy will agree that building personal relationships means everything to her. Her love of business and people not only allows her to build a strong Human Resources foundation that’s tailored to the strategic goals of the teams she serves but also a vast network of fellow HR leaders to keep her skills and strategies innovative.