Tayna Longino is a Consultant with Kaleidoscope Group, and President of HR Partners. As an inclusion and racial equity consultant, trainer, and community/institutional organizer her work focuses on the impacts of race and racism on systems, institutions, organizations, and individuals. In her training and consulting she brings examination of the impact of race in systemic outcomes to include the broader environmental and social determinants of well-being and opportunity. She has had a rewarding career in Human Resources for more than 30 years.

Her HR career spans over several industries and specialties, including Finance, IT, Banking, Specialty Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Health Care, Education, and Law Enforcement. She has managed, coached, trained, and interviewed professionals from entry level through executive levels. While Tayna credits her corporate work with giving her tools necessary for success, she readily recognizes her work with non-profit organizations like the YWCA, Jack and Jill of America, The Links Incorporated, The Peace Center, and The Urban League. Every engagement has offered practical experience. As the Human Resources Director and the Director of Employee Relations she has developed and trained on a variety of topics, Diversity and Inclusion, Racial Equity, Leadership Styles, Conflict Resolution, Organizational Effectiveness, and Workforce Training and Development. Tayna is passionate about serving the community.

She is a member of The Links, Incorporated, an international professional women’s service organization of African American women. She serves on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood Keystone, where she has been elected Vice Chair of the Board. Tayna is also a Board member of The YWCA of Bucks County and The Bucks County Woman’s Advocacy Coalition. A recipient of the WYCA’s Women Who Makes a Difference Award. As a result of a consulting relationship, Tayna was awarded the Peacemaker Award by The Peace Center of Bucks County, PA. Making a difference is her goal each day! Tayna is a proud Alum of Indiana University, where she holds a degree in Business & Public Policy Administration