Self-love is tied to leadership. The best leaders understand that they must be the best of who they are and love who that is. Their inner belief allows them to be confident, not arrogant, but able to be comfortable in their own skin. My belief is as we do the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the goal is to help each person become comfortable with themselves so they might bring the best of who they are to each interaction they have—in and out of their workplace. This self-love (inner belief) in turn will allow them to bring their best selves to their group and organization.

Terrence is a Consultant for the Kaleidoscope Group. His mission is to help others bring their “real selves” to the workplace, interpersonally, and to the community. He helps leaders recognize and develop their own skills, strength, and leadership capacity.  

Throughout his career, he has worked in several organizations as an operations leader, safety leader, human resource leader, and principal consultant.  Specifically, he began his career in an organization that lost a workplace lawsuit based upon racial discrimination.  It was then he decided he wanted to be a part of the change and took on a role where he assisted in the recruitment of diverse individuals and had a voice within organizations when it came to discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

Terrence holds a bachelor’s degree in business and finance from Park University, and a master’s of science in organizational development from The American University (D.C.) and NTL Institute. While performing as a principal consulting for Behavioral Science Technology, he consulted to international clients such as BASF, BNSF, and Areva Mining. At Shell US/Canada, he provided and led human resources/labor relations for Pennzoil Lubricants and Chemical organizations. And prior roles included Sunoco Refining and The Williams Companies. Specific projects included reorganization hiring processes to improve the talent pipelines for people of color and women in Technical skills (Engineering); introduced Affinity groups (Employee Resource Groups) to Williams Pipelines; multiple labor relations and negotiations; and, managing HR performance management process to ensure internal equity across gender and racial lines at Shell. 

Terrence has conducted many workshops on personal and leadership development, diversity and inclusion, just to name a few, while being a life member of the NAACP. He has also held membership in the Organizational Development Network, Society of Human Resource Management, and American Society of Training and Development.  

Terrence resides in Missouri City, Texas with his wife, best friend, and partner, Suzan.  They have raised four sons, striving to ensure they are healthy and confident in their own skin and living their dreams (a work in progress). When he is not doing the work of diversity, equity and inclusion, he can be found reading, writing, and learning about functional medicine and natural healing–a passion he will gladly share with anyone.