The Kaleidoscope Group & Qstream – On The Path To Change

Change is expected even if not welcomed 

We know change is coming, we just don’t know how or when. John Maxwell is quoted as saying “Change is inevitable, growth is optional” and while we can’t exactly prepare for change we can prepare for growth. Growth is a state of being and unfortunately, so is stagnation. People with a growth mindset may get knocked off their square but they are constantly looking for ways to turn change into something positive. It is important to acknowledge that all change is not created equal. There are small changes and monumental ones. The pandemic is a monumental change and it is okay that we are taking the time to adjust and recalibrate. This discussion is about how we as individuals and organizations react to change and especially monumental change.

DEI isn’t about small changes, it is about a real transformation

As a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) agency we know a little bit about change. DEI is about getting organizations to go way beyond declarations, policies and procedures and even beyond achieving better diversity numbers. DEI is about a deep-seated belief that greater diversity improves the performance of individuals and therefore teams. The biggest obstacle to realizing the positive impacts of DEI is found in not acknowledging how involved the transformation process can be. Many companies are seeking a quick fix and it is unrealistic to think a few training session will transform a company from good to great knowing that about only 30% of information shared in training sessions is actually retained from these one-off interactions. The fact is, changing behaviors requires a content stream of new inputs designed to create different outcomes. In an effort to provide that constant stream, our partner, Qstream, amplifies our current training to facilitate continuous learning about DEI. 

While we can’t prepare for how change will come, we can prepare to embrace it and grow

The recent pandemic has called for The Kaleidoscope Group to change as well.  Not change our mission to free the human potential but to change how we interact with organizations and their teammates. Our strength has always been in our people. They know how to listen and how to lead. Our clients need us to listen to their concerns and challenges and they need us to lead the transformation. We have always understood that technology is a necessary tool in helping our clients transform but we use technology as a complement to our interpersonal approach and philosophy. Today, the world demands a shift. We require more technology than ever to service our clients and have worked with our partners at Qstream to transform our delivery in this new reality.  And when we go back to normal, it will be a new normal. Yes, we will return to in-personal trainings but via our partnership with Qstream, we will be better able to service our clients and their remote workers via one of the most innovative learning technologies available in the market today, one that is incredibly effective at supporting our learning content and practices.

Inevitability of Change

Currently, almost all of our trainings and interactions are remote. Where before we might use Qstream as a complement to our offering, today, our Qstream component is more of an integral part of our delivery. Qstream is allowing us to touch our clients daily and more consistently and expands our impact using microlearning as a way to make the concepts even more digestible and actionable. The DEI transformation cannot be a one-off.  It must be a deliberate and consistent effort. Qstream has grown our ability to deliver meaningful results by breaking down often complex training content into bite-sized, scenario-based challenges and relies on repetitive delivery and testing to improve long-term knowledge retention and change employee behaviors.  Our new normal or new reality has certainly allowed us to grow and expand our capabilities to better facilitate the DEI transformation. The only thing constant in life is change. While the goals and the impact of DEI remain the same – create better people and better organizations, the specific challenges will vary by organization, time, and situation.  Join us as we use the inevitability of change as the foundation of growth and transformation.

Take a look at how Qstream’s microlearning works by watching this quick 2-minute video of their technology. 


Written by: Reggie Ponder