Many organizations begin their Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) journey with a sound plan or they continue efforts to ensure momentum. If the effort is not appropriately or broadly communicated, however, then this is often a missed opportunity.

The Kaleidoscope Group suggests that a DE&I Communications Strategy be developed, taking into consideration all audiences throughout an organization and the varying internal methods, mediums, and channels through which they receive messages.

A proactive and thorough communications plan can help to effectively shape the DE&I effort and help employees understand its importance to the organization.

Communication Vehicles

  • Identify how to integrate into those vehicles
  • Establish potential new vehicles
  • Identify internal communication capability and capacity
  • Identify support role for The Kaleidoscope Group
  • Establish key messages
  • Develop communication tool-kits
  • Develop a customized communication plan

Communications Strategy

  • Enterprise-wide strategy
  • Business Unit strategy
  • BRG strategy
  • Journey (Vision of Success, Assessment, Strategy, Education, Implementation, Accountability & Measurement)
  • Business value
  • Case for change
  • Strategic focus areas (Workplace, Workforce, Marketplace, Community & Supplier)


Creating a clear and consistent image and message for DE&I

  • Logo development
  • Website development, design & support
  • Business Value Speaker Series
  • Executive interviews (articles or videos with your company executives)


Opportunities to strengthen and sustain the DE&I

  • Campaigns (Special events, leadership declaration, DE&I awards & recognition,celebrations, success stories, etc.)
  • Speech writing (Executive speeches, town halls meetings, DE&I meetings, or state of the business meetings)
  • Videos/video production
  • DE&I ice breakers
  • DE&I communication teasers
  • Dimensional highlights (i.e. ethnic, gender, LGBTQ+)

Marketing Material

Collateral that aids in communicating and understanding DE&I

  • Communications in a box (meetings, external and/or internal presentations, speeches, Town hall or DE&I meetings, state of the business, etc.)
  • Article series development
  • Posters
  • Customized diversity calendar featuring your company internal employees
  • Resource library (Links, articles, book recommendations)

Coaching & Consulting

  • On-going and point in time support
  • Enterprise strategic communications coaching
  • Individual communications coaching
  • General communications consulting
  • Crisis management consulting
  • Customized tool-kit

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