DE&I assessment (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) is a process for obtaining valid data and information about the performance of an organization on key DE&I elements. Assessment is a critical step to long-term success, as it provides a data-driven understanding of your current state around diversity and inclusion to guide strategic decisions around resourcing and action planning. It can also be used to establish a baseline and/or measure progress, depending on where your organization is at in your DE&I journey.

Our Offering:

With a DE&I Assessment, The Kaleidoscope Group assesses your organization through a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion lens and uses data-driven insight to inform strategies that achieve real change.

We leverage our own organization’s diversity to ensure assessment excellence, bringing many different perspectives and experiences to design, execution and analysis. We have a proven track record with decades of experience helping shape the DE&I industry and guide clients through change. Our practice area dedicated to assessment and analytics is led by talented experts in custom research methods and employee experience. Our DE&I and assessment experts come together to deliver relevant and reliable data brought to life through presentations that connect the findings with the action you can take to address your most pressing issues.

“I consistently have been impressed with The Kaleidoscope Group’s approach to D&I. They took considerable time to get to know us as a company through many different methods; including in-person meetings, surveys, and group conversations. The assessment they delivered, in the end, gives us not only a great understanding of where we are today but also a roadmap to use for our future.”   

CEO of DataStax

DE&I Assessment Solutions from The Kaleidoscope Group

We provide a range of assessment solutions and methods to meet your needs. These include, among others:

  • Workplace Inclusion (survey and/or focus groups)
  • 3 P’s Review (Practices, Procedures, and Processes – aka HR people practices)
  • Workforce Representation
  • Talent Landscape
  • Company DNA Mapping 
  • Exit Analysis 
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Community Relations 
  • Marketplace Opportunity
  • Education Review

I think the most important part for me is that they made sure I understood the results.  I am not faculty and have never done this type of research or data gathering, so my first impression was being overwhelmed by the effort of analyzing all that information.  Our consultants were patient and answered every question. I was also very impressed with the presentation made to the key people on campus – such as our Chancellor and our D&I group.  It was professionally presented and we are able to use it now for our presentations.”  

Chief Compliance Officer at a Public Institution

Know where you are to guide the path to where you want to be.

A DE&I assessment helps you analyze, understand, and take action. Connect with us on the easy form below and let’s talk about how we can help you take inventory and take action.

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