The Kaleidoscope Group can help with campus climate assessmentsDE&I Campus Climate Assessment

Campus climate is undergoing more and more intense scrutiny across the higher education sector due to changing demographics, many different voices and perspectives, and existing institutional structures and systems. Academic freedom, freedom of speech, and concerns that activism may trump academics in today’s higher education institutions are all topics covered by the media on a nearly daily basis now.

Addressing DEI campus climate can be a daunting task as each college and university community is unique, no one-size-fits-all approach works. Location, size, and representation of diverse dimensions ranging from gender, race, and ethnicity to generation, political and religious, or spiritual affiliation drive priority DE&I issues at each campus.

Administrators and often faculty frequently struggle to handle the complexities and dueling perspectives across the various campus constituents today. Without a clear understanding of the real issues, and data to support them, risk is high because climate ultimately impacts colleges and universities through:

  • School reputation

  • Ability to attract students and faculty

  • Persistence and retention rates

  • Funding and support

DEI campus climate assessment can support higher education institutions with data-driven insights to:

  • Understand interactions across campus constituents

  • Determine levels of tension or conflict and key drivers

  • Measure the progress of institutional DEI practices

  • Understand the potential impact on student outcomes - learning, achievement, aspirations, and citizenship competencies

The Kaleidoscope Group’s Approach to Campus Climate Assessment

Almost anyone can run their own survey nowadays, as there are many easy-to-use, cost-effective platforms available. However, factors such as question design, survey length, accessibility, communication planning, and data integrity all have a significant impact on the reliability of findings. Without the right level of expertise, survey findings could potentially point your organization left, when a right turn was actually needed to reach your destination.

Our framework is based on academic and scholarly research and our 30+ years of experience supporting clients in all stages of their DE&I journey. We measure current campus constituent perceptions, attitudes, and self-reported behaviors toward important dimensions of organizational life. We also have experts to support communications planning, survey design, IRB approval, and data interpretation and visualization. And as full-service DE&I consultants, we support our clients in developing strategies to address key campus climate strengths and opportunities to support broader vision achievement.

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