We developed our unique 4I’s Education Model to guide the customization of a progressive, multi-touch, multi-year, blended learning approach. The 4I’s approach is focused on the progressive learning stages that lead to Cultural Competence.

Cultural Competence is our ability to interact effectively across lines of difference. As industries, workplaces and marketplaces are steadily diversifying, Cultural Competence is critical to professional and organizational survival.  The 4i’s Education Model allows us address Cultural Competence as your learning needs evolve and change.

Diversity & Inclusion Education Phases


Time is a precious resource, it may be our most precious. No one wants it wasted. Before beginning the journey to Cultural Competence, you need to assess and communicate to all stakeholders the specific value of developing Cultural Competence for your organization.

“That’s how we’ve always done things.”


Organizational culture can be the difference between success and failure. We can’t afford to leave it to chance. Once you’ve begun the journey, it is critical for each individual to develop personal awareness of their cultural background and worldview and how it impacts the workplace.

“We’re just not working as a team.”


With an understanding of your cultural background and its impact, you will develop the ability to interact most effectively with others of different backgrounds, harnessing the team’s, business unit’s, and organization’s talents and skills.

“We’ve seen the impact of inclusion. What’s next?”


Ultimately, the goal is to have Cultural Competence be so fundamental to your organization’s culture that it is a part of every process and practice, assuring that success is achieved in every area from who you hire to who you reach.

Where are your stakeholders on their journey to cultural competency?

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