Amy Zimmerman

Amy Zimmerman

Amy holds a dual role at The Kaleidoscope Group – she serves as Director of Operations and Executive Assistant to our CEO.

As Director of Operations, Amy optimizes our day-to-day operations, bolstering efficiency and enhancing our overall effectiveness. Her expertise extends to human resources, where she leads various HR functions, from recruitment and benefits administration to employee relations, both on a domestic and international scale.

Amy is also a key figure in formulating, developing, and enforcing company policies, procedures, and guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and compliant work environment. Additionally, she spearheads compensation analysis, ensuring that The Kaleidoscope Group’s compensation aligns with industry standards and local market conditions while maintaining pay equity and compliance with relevant legislation.

Amy is responsible for contract management, assuring the organization’s adherence to client and vendor contracts. She also oversees various aspects of business administration, including insurance, certifications, licenses, and annual report filings. Amy actively participates in client contract reviews and negotiations, collaborates with legal departments, and provides backup support for Accounts Payable and Receivable functions. She plays an essential role in sales proposals, particularly for speaking engagements.

As Executive Assistant to the CEO, Amy manages the CEO’s schedule, acts as a gatekeeper for communication, and upholds confidentiality while handling sensitive information.

Having spent almost 20 years with The Kaleidoscope Group, Amy uses her expertise and experience to ensure that our business is strongly positioned to support our clients in as effective a way as possible.

I love that we make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. We focus on the workplace but the impact of our work extends beyond that.

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