Chris Georgas

Chris is a light-skinned, female with shoulder-length blond hair worn in a sassy style. She is wearing a black shirt and has a wide smile on her face. She is pictured in front of a blue-grey background.

Christina (Chris) is The Kaleidoscope Group’s Chief Operating Officer, and has been part of the organization since its earliest days.

Her current role combines strategic consulting with developing The Kaleidoscope Group’s ability to continue to respond to organizations’ needs in ways that drive results, mission and business value. Chris continues to lead the development of new models, practices, and standards for client service while focusing on leading select client projects.

Since 1994, Chris has served and led a wide variety of The Kaleidoscope Group’s clients across numerous industries. Her experience includes organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, consumer goods, government, sports and law enforcement.

She has over 25 years of experience in DEI, organizational culture, change management, leadership development, client service, relationship management, strategic operations, and execution. Chris has proven abilities to develop key relationships as a strategic thought partner with a variety of stakeholders, from CEOs to Executives to individual contributors across all functions, meeting people where they are and guiding them on tailored journeys to where they need to be, all in the name of helping everyone grow and achieve their potential and goals.

Chris earned her degree as a paralegal from the American Institute for Paralegal Studies in 1992. Outside of The Kaleidoscope Group, she enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time at the beach and with her family.

Chris splits her time between Chicago, Illinois & Bradenton, Florida.

I love that we think about the success of organizations and all people working together in unity to produce unprecedented outcomes.

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