Education & Expertise

  • Masters in Global Affairs & World Culture, University of Denver
  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator
  • Global Leadership Coaching Certificate, Internal Impact
  • Facilitating Relational Learning Certificate, Entrust
  • Leaders Beyond Boundaries Facilitation Certificate, Center for Creative Leadership Ethiopia
  • B.A., Education, Trinity International University and Facilitation

Dawn Bryan

Dawn is a light-skinned woman with bright blue eyes and long, curly hair. She is wearing large silver earrings and a grey shirt. She is pictured smiling broadly against a blue-grey background.

Dawn is a Senior Vice-President at The Kaleidoscope Group. She directs our work with global clients and leads a team of multilingual, multinational consultants and an extensive network of culture and region-specific specialists to help organizations develop DEI strategies, infrastructure and tactics that drive impact in globally resonant and locally relevant ways. As part of her role, Dawn also personally leads select client projects.

Dawn is passionate about helping leaders build trust and understanding across different cultures and regions to improve creativity, innovation and productivity in their organizations.

Before repatriating to Chicago and joining The Kaleidoscope Group in 2018, Dawn lived and worked for over 25 years in the Horn of Africa, Asia and Europe. She combines over 30 years of cross-cultural experience, education and expertise in effective global leadership practices, and a gift for listening to others to help organizations take practical steps toward continuous improvement as they navigate culturally diverse and complex environments.

Dawn holds a Masters in Global Affairs and World Culture, multiple accreditations in facilitation, a certificate in Global Leadership and Organizational Coaching, and a BA in Education.

In addition to her work with The Kaleidoscope Group, Dawn dedicates time to community leadership. She has volunteered in several capacities, serving as a mentor to women new to international leadership, as a board governor for two international schools in the Horn of Africa, and for a 4-year term as President of Families in Global Transition, an award-winning organization recognized for leading research and developing best practices for people and organizations working cross-culturally.

We help people build trust and understanding in diverse teams, find solutions to intercultural challenges, and bridge cultural divides that impact individuals, teams, and organizations so that they can do productive work together in places that are caring, collaborative, and respectful. Ultimately my hope is that if people learn to do this with their colleagues in the workplace it will be something they also do with their neighbors in their communities.

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