Doug Harris

Doug Harris is an African American man with a bald head and grey beard. Doug is wearing a light blue suit paired with a crisp white dress shirt and a white silk tie, he completes his look with grey-framed glasses, adding a touch of sophistication. He is smiling broadly against a blue-grey background.

Doug Harris, the visionary force behind The Kaleidoscope Group, has led diversity, equity, and inclusion for an awe-inspiring 30 years.

A seasoned professional, Doug’s journey began as a consultant and trainer at Harbridge House, Inc., where he facilitated diversity and inclusion education sessions for senior executives of Fortune 500 organizations. His passion for this work led him to join Bea Young Associates in 1993, which later evolved into The Kaleidoscope Group. Doug crafted strategic consulting solutions and delivered cultural education workshops for companies like Caterpillar, Dana Corporation, Duracell, Hewlett-Packard, Northrop Grumman, and Owens Corning. His expertise extended to executive coaching, where he empowered leaders to embrace their critical roles in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Before his work with The Kaleidoscope Group, Doug honed his skills at Procter & Gamble and Scott Paper, where he served as an employee relations specialist, sales trainer, and sales professional. In a pivotal move, he founded Samuel Roberts & Associates, dedicating a decade to executive search consulting with a focus on minority recruitment from entry-level positions to top executive roles.

Beyond his professional achievements, Doug has been a leader in community service, creating mentoring programs for students that emphasize education and self-esteem building. He has shaped diversity curricula for Chicago Catholic Schools and served as a mentor to students at Learn Charter School. Doug sits on the Board of Trustees for Tufts University and Kingswood Oxford School, further extending his commitment to education and community involvement.

In a testament to his commitment to making a positive impact, Doug founded Doug Harris OG, LLC, a forward-thinking limited liability corporation focusing on advancing empowerment across all communities. His mission is to help individuals discover their inner OG, celebrate individuality, promote understanding, and drive success through the power of personal truths and love.

Doug holds degrees in Economics and Sociology from Tufts University.

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