Education & Expertise

  • PhD, Hate Studies, University of South Africa (ongoing)
  • Masters, Research Psychology, University of South Africa
  • B.A. (Hons), Psychology, North-West University / Noordwes-Universiteit, South Africa
  • Best Practices in Question Formulation (Harvard)
  • Human Rights Consulting Certification (US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights)
  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator (IDI, LLC)
  • The Effective Facilitator (ICA Associates Inc)
  • Group Facilitation Methods (ICA Associates, Inc)
  • Meetings at Work (ICA Associates Inc)
  • Integrative Enneagram Practitioner (IES)
  • ACMC Associate Certified Coach (INS)
  • Group and Team Coach (INS)

Hanlie van Wyk

Hanlie is a freckled, light-skinned female human. She has short, wavy hair and is wearing a denim jacket, a choker and turquoise earrings. She is looking straight at the camera sporting a broad smile against a blue-grey background.

Hanlie brings decades of experience in designing and implementing behavior change and leadership projects and programs that drive business and organizational transformation to her role as a Consultant with The Kaleidoscope Group.

She is a behavioral change expert, systems strategist, author, and PhD candidate for Hate Crime Studies. She has worked in Europe, Africa and Asia. Hanlieā€™s approach to change management includes a proprietary data-driven framework that measures change readiness within an organization or team, determining how best to change a culture through behaviour change over time. She focuses on design that fosters connection between team members as a route to higher performance. She works with our clients to create the conditions at work that promote diversity, equity and inclusivity as the foundation for behavior change and habit adoption.

From working to reduce intolerance to humanizing the workplace, her career spans three decades, researching and applying behavioral change strategies to some of the most challenging behavioral problems.

As a consultant, facilitator and subject matter expert, she studies, develops and applies agnostic systems and practices that make change sticky and result in high-performing teams. She specializes in change strategies that foster a more tolerant, inclusive workforce.

Hanlie is the co-author of The 11th Habit: Design Your Company Culture to Foster the Habits of High Performance.

We are here to create workplaces and societies that are inclusive, safe and joyful to be in.

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