Education & Expertise

  • Master of Arts (M.A.), Intercultural/Multicultural & Diversity Studies, Lincoln Christian University, Illinois, USA
  • Bachelor of Art (B.A.), International and Intercultural Communication, Lincoln Christian University, Illinois, USA
  • ICF Coaching (ACC)
  • IDEO Certified: Foundations in Design Thinking
  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), Qualified Administrator

Jerry Jones

Jerry is a light-skinned man with short, thin, brown hair and facial hair. He is looking directly at the camera and smiling. He is wearing a white shirt with red and blue stripes which are cross-hatched. He is pictured against a blue-grey background.

Jerry is the Director of Design and Development with Kaleidoscope Group. His role is to work with clients as they discover how to best address their DEI needs and design solutions that will lead to success and transformation.

Jerry is a trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant who has worked with organizations and individuals around the world. He has developed multiple resources and delivered training to support and equip multinational companies as they seek to bridge the gap between cultural differences.

In his current role with The Kaleidoscope Group he has worked with clients in education, technology, manufacturing and energy sectors globally. He has designed and led workshops, education and training sessions in the US and Asia.

Jerry lived in China for fifteen years, working as a transition specialist with Leadership Development International. He also launched two companies, micMAC Global Solutions, and The Culture Blend LLC, which focused on intercultural training and executive coaching. He has extensive experience working with global leaders in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America to navigate the diverse and unique challenges of doing business across lines of difference.

Jerry is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and the Intercultural Development Inventory. He was one of the first TEDx speakers in China, speaking on the challenges and joys of raising children cross-culturally and has written about a wide range of topics related to global life.

He is passionate about helping people find and implement solutions to their most challenging problems in a way that genuinely drives better business, creates better workplaces, and impacts people in the best ways possible. He currently lives in the U.S. with his wife and two children.

We open eyes. We build bridges. We present clients with an opportunity to respond differently when faced with difference and operate at a different level both from professional and personal perspectives.

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