Laurie Jo Elliott

Laurie is a light-skinned woman with freckles. Her hair is long and strawberry-blond, and she has bangs. She is wearing large hoop earrings and a black jacket over a white collared shirt. She is pictured with a relaxed, open smile in front of a blue-grey background.

Laurie Jo Elliott brings a proven track record in qualitative research to her role as a focus group moderator with our Assessment & Analytics team. She utilizes her training, experience and personal skills to adeptly conduct focus groups to assess employee experiences related to diversity, equity and inclusion through a qualitative research lens.

Before joining The Kaleidoscope Group, she worked extensively in multicultural consumer market research, preceded by work in Spanish-language media. As a multicultural market researcher, she worked for industry leaders such as TNS/Market Development, Inc., Culturati Research & Consulting, and Cultural Edge Consulting, Inc. In 2017, Laurie Jo launched her independent research business, utilizing her extensive network of research colleagues to collaborate on small and large projects for a variety of clients.

Laurie Jo is a professionally trained, bilingual moderator and has moderated hundreds of focus groups in English and Spanish and managed other moderators and project managers.

Laurie Jo is US-born but global in focus. A native English speaker, she has acquired near native-level fluency in Spanish and has traveled throughout Latin America. A lifelong student, her early studies focused on language and art. She continues her learning through current studies of French and West African dance and percussion. Laurie Jo currently resides in California, USA.

At The Kaleidoscope Group, we honestly and intently address many important questions facing our society, and thus our workplaces, today. We approach all people as essential whole beings whose experiences and perceptions impact their reality. By gaining greater understanding of the breadth of individuals in the workplace, we are able to recommend strategies that lead to broader representation of the various dimensions of diversity in our society, improved relationships, communication and workplace experiences.

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