Sue O’Halloran

Sue is a light-skinned woman with short red hair and green eyes. She is wearing a green collared shirt. She is pictured smiling broadly aginst a blue-grey background.

Sue is an award-winning training and curriculum consultant who has worked with The Kaleidoscope Group since its inception in 1993. She has decades of experience developing and leading DEI and race equity curricula, education and training.

Sue has led training workshops in corporate, religious and non-profit settings since 1969. Since then, she has led thousands of diversity and communication seminars in Fortune 500 and global companies and the academic world with some of the top business schools in the United States. She has written training and marketing programs for international clients, including the UN Peacekeeping Program.

Her training films have won several national and international video awards.

She is the author of seven books, including Common Cross-Cultural Mistakes and Diversity Is All Around Us In Our Schools – Isn’t It Time We Got It Right?

She is also the creator of the diversity curriculum Kaleidoscope: Valuing Differences and Creating Inclusion.

In addition, Sue has produced award-winning multicultural performances, including White, Black and Brown: Tribes & Bridges at the Steppenwolf Theatre and More Alike Than Not: Stories of Three Americans – Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

Our work makes sense of the challenges clients face and then gives them real-world solutions. We are helping to create organizations and a world where barriers to inclusion are removed, and everyone feels valued, supported and as if they belong. People are able to express their talents and fullest potential and feel more confident in their ability to contribute and make a positive difference.

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