Education & Expertise

  • Bachelor’s, Business and Policy Administration, Indiana University, USA
  • Human Resources Management Program, Dallas College, USA
  • Certifications from Cornell University and the Race Equity Institute, USA

Tayna Longino

Tayna is a medium-dark skinned female with dark brown eyes and shoulder length dark brown hair. She is wearing a black jacket with a white collared dress shirt and a pearl necklace. She is pictured smiling against a blue-grey background.

Tayna brings more than 30 years of experience in Human Resources to her role as a Consultant with The Kaleidoscope Group.

Her HR career spans several industries and specialties, including finance, IT, banking, specialty materials, pharmaceuticals, retail, healthcare, education, and law enforcement.

In her former roles as a Human Resources Director and Director of Employee Relations she developed and trained on a variety of topics including Diversity and Inclusion, Racial Equity, Leadership Styles, Conflict Resolution, Organizational Effectiveness, and Workforce Training and Development. She has also managed, coached, trained, and interviewed hundreds of professionals from entry level through executive levels.

As an equity and inclusion practitioner, Tayna’s work focuses on the dimensions of diversity that each person brings with them into their workspace and the impacts of systems, processes, and practices. In her training and consulting, she examines the systemic outcomes including the broader environmental and social determinants of well-being and opportunity.

Tayna received her Bachelor of Science from Indiana University’s O’Neil School of Public and Environmental Affairs with a concentration in Business Administration. Continuing her studies at the Richland Campus of Dallas College, Tayna completed their Human Resources Management Program. She has received certifications from Cornell University and the Race Equity Institute.

Tayna is passionate about serving the community. She serves as a Board Member for several organizations: Planned Parenthood of Eastern PA, The YWCA of Bucks County and The Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition.

Successful DEI work can improve the overall well-being and performance of an organization. KG asks clients to challenge the status quo, acknowledge the dimensions of diversity, and commit to put their people first. Leveraging inclusion from a workplace and workforce “first” is a prescription for attraction and retention!

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