As companies celebrate Black History Month and the contributions African Americans have made to the overall history of this great country, there is a difference between remembering and honoring. This difference requires individuals to move from mere knowledge to action. Our CEO, Doug Harris, sees honoring as an action that transforms facts and past experiences into change and possibility. In this series, Doug asserts that to really honor the contributions of African Americans is to maximize all that history teaches as well as the action it requires. 

In this second vignette, Doug presents history in more personal terms than some abstract academic concept.  Here he connects personal family history to how individuals function and navigate through this world.  Many times, the past requires venturing way back to historical figures and icons but glosses over one of the most important parts of history which directly impacts who we are and how we show up – our family.  Doug invites us to examine that family history, good and bad, to become more effective and impactful in the world.

While this series was borne out of a celebration of Black History, Doug believes the universal concepts are relevant to people of all races, backgrounds, and genders. Let’s maximize our history by going beyond the celebration to individual contributions with a focus on collaboration. Unity is more than a concept but a way of being. 

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