How can you build a compelling case for DEI in your organization, demonstrate its value to business outcomes, and make better decisions about your future DEI activity?

We believe that the answer lies in robust, reliable data – often data you may already be collecting, like workforce analytics.

Workforce analytics tend to include data related to employee demographics, performance,, engagement, and turnover as well as other relevant metrics for your organization.

Here are four ways that workforce analytics can help your organization’s DEI efforts:

  1. Mitigating bias: relying on objective data leads to more evidence-based decisions, leading to more equitable outcomes
  2. Identifying disparities: data can help see more accurately underrepresentation in specific areas of your organization, from leadership to who gets promoted, enabling you to direct action where it is needed
  3. Measuring DEI impact: objective measurement and transparent reporting can build trust and accountability in key areas such as hiring, promotions, and performance management
  4. Attracting and retaining your desired talent: as more job seekers and employees prioritize an inclusive workplace, committed to DEI, data can help you drive a fair and equitable culture

There are challenges to using workforce analytics in this way and one of them is choosing the most effective metrics for your organization.

In our latest free resource Unleashing the Power of Workforce Analytics for DEI, we outline how to address that challenge and highlight four powerful metrics that help you harness the potential of DEI to create impact and value for your organization.

Workforce analytics can play a key role in advancing your DEI efforts. They can provide a starting point, giving you insight into where you are starting from. They can also help you gain insights that enable you to prioritize your investment. Ultimately, they can help you make more objective, evidence-based decisions, which when coupled with action and transparency, can help create the type of workplace where employees come together in ways that drive success for everyone. 

We would love to discuss how data-based DEI can drive your organization forward in 2024. Please email us at for a no-obligation 30-minute conversation about your unique opportunities and challenges. 

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