When we hear the word justice, what comes to mind? Generally, people believe that someone has been wronged and justice is the remedy to that wrong. Unfortunately, the word justice also comes with baggage as some feel it may be used to guilt others into changing policies, practices, procedures, and institutions unfairly. Justice is simply a form of accountability. So what is accountability? In its simplest term, accountability is a consequence of actions or decisions that we make. And while groups and institutions can be held accountable, the purest form of accountability is individual accountability.

In this video segment, Mitch Brown, Senior Consultant for The Kaleidoscope Group, connects being accountable individually to justice which is being accountable societally. Where accountability means being held responsible for your actions, justice is being responsible for your community and the greater society. The key here is for any unit or collection of people to thrive, individual accountability and collective justice must be present. This is true of a family, a community, a business, or an organization. Accountability and justice are not only related but interconnected.

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