MIAMI, FL—May 24, 2022 — Humantelligence (HT), a pioneer in culture intelligence, recently partnered with The Kaleidoscope Group, LLC a full-service diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) consulting firm committed to providing customized strategic solutions to address the specific needs of an organization’s culture. With Humantelligence, The Kaleidoscope Group can help organizations drive even more sustainable, measurable results in the workforce, workplace, community, supplier base, and marketplace.

Humantelligence is the leading cloud-based platform for accurately measuring culture, from teams to overall corporate culture. It provides the culture and talent intelligence needed to measure, manage, and hire for culture, optimize collaboration while reducing turnover, and build engaged, high-performing teams across an organization. 

What sets Humantelligence apart is its ability to leverage emotional intelligence (EQ) data and surface those insights into daily workflows and tools, such as Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Gmail, Slack, calendar meetings, and more. People are able to improve their communication with every interaction, enabling more inclusive communication and effective collaboration at scale – a key driver for the partnership between The Kaleidoscope Group and Humantelligence. 

Core to its mission, The Kaleidoscope Group aims to ‘Free the Human Potential,’ empowering people to have real conversations about issues and opportunities that create real change thereby producing greater organizational results. Kaleidoscope offers world-class DE&I transformational consulting services, where DE&I is a key mission driver built on a success and change framework.  Moreover, they work to build internal capability to operationalize DE&I into systems and practices through all stakeholders. Paired with Humantelligence’s inclusion platform, The Kaleidoscope Group will guide and equip clients to ensure high-performing teams, enhanced solutions and innovation, and improved business results. 

Humantelligence’s offerings and capabilities are truly instrumental for the continuation and sustainability of DE&I as a key driver for mission effectiveness and maximizing the collective talent of all people. Kaleidoscope is honored to partner with Humantelligence, providing DE&I thought leadership and leveraging their cutting-edge solutions and technology platform as part of our 30-year proven DE&I change model and programmatic offerings. Specifically, our combined expertise will ensure our clients have a tailored experience, wide reach, and measurable impact. Together, we look forward to enhancing our clients’ cultures and ultimately their bottom lines,” said Chris Georgas, Chief Operating Officer for The Kaleidoscope Group.

“Our partnership with The Kaleidoscope Group reinforces our deep commitment to helping companies create a strong foundation for inclusion. Our tools are designed to fast-track belonging for new hires, increase emotional intelligence for leaders and employees, and build teams based on diversity of thought,” said Marc LaCarrubba, Chief Technology Officer & VP of Customer & Partner Success at Humantelligence. Our goal is to make every moment of interaction between employees valuable. When individuals are seen, heard, and valued, employees become more deeply engaged, and performance increases – it’s a win-win for everyone.”

The partnership supports Humantelligence’s broader vision to empower people and companies with the data needed to make meaningful improvements across all levels of an organization. In leveraging people insights to intentionally build a culture that supports diversity of thought and inclusion, Humantelligence clients like Lyft, Coca-Cola SWB, Bank of the West, Ashley Furniture, AFLAC, and others have improved inclusion, performance, and team collaboration. To learn more, visit

About Humantelligence

Humantelligence is the first agile culture management platform to help you operationalize culture.  With Humantelligence, you can improve collaboration, drive team performance, hire for culture, and build inclusion across your company day by day, all in one solution. With tools designed to generate more engaging and inclusive daily interactions between employees, Humantelligence helps you drive productivity across your organization in an easy, scalable way – based on shared understandings. To learn more, visit

Humantelligence Contact:

Victoria Guzzo

Senior Director, Corporate Communications


Kaleidoscope Group Contact:

Jodi Matas

Marketing Project Director

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