As a full service Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) consulting firm, The Kaleidoscope Group is, ultimately, in the business of change. Globally, the workforce is changing, the workplace is changing, the marketplace is changing. We partner with our clients to manage change, respond to change, and most powerfully, drive change.

Before anyone can drive “change”, we need to be clear on what D&I means.

Diversity: Variety of abilities, skills, experiences and cultural backgrounds, in all stakeholders.

Inclusion: To value and leverage differences to achieve superior results.

When we create organizational diversity, we create a fully stocked toolkit. When we practice inclusion, we become master craftspeople, building structures capable of standing strong, even when, or especially when, the landscape is shifting.

Resources to Download

  • D&I Awareness Workshop

Diversity Dimensions

Diversity is about much more than how we look or are perceived. All aspects of ourselves and our personalities contribute to a diverse workplace and inclusive work-life.

Dimensions of Diversity

Conscious Inclusion

Leveraging differences, achieving superior results, and, ultimately, creating an inclusive culture is not something that happens by chance. That kind of cultural transformation requires that we deliberately engage our thoughts, mold our beliefs, and modify our behaviors. When we strategically execute a practical approach to driving the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that allow us to “value and leverage differences to achieve superior results,” we are practicing Conscious Inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion Training in the Workplace

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