Pulse Check: Inclusive Marketing

Chris Bintliff, Chief Marketing Officer at the Kaleidoscope Group, helps us understand the importance of inclusive marketing. In this video, he makes a distinction between the verb marketing and the noun. The verb, marketing is about telling your story to people who care. The noun, marketing refers to the Marketing department inside an organization.  Both […]

Privilege: Earned and Unearned

Earned Privilege Calling someone privileged is almost as insulting as calling someone racist. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand privilege at all. It should not be a point of contention and division because we all have privilege. There are privileges we earn and those we do not and we will take a look at how each […]

Pulse Check: How To Elevate Your ERGs And BRGs

Have you checked the pulse of your Employee Resource Groups and Business Resource Groups? If not, maybe it is time to evaluate if your ERGs/BRGs are connected to outsiders looking in or outsiders being invited in. Mitch Brown, Senior Consultant, outlines how to elevate your ERGs or BRGs with three steps designed to distinguish it […]

Why The CEO Is Essential To DEI Success

Why is the CEO essential to DEI success? For the same reason, the CEO is essential to business success. When the CEO is absent, disengaged, or doesn’t connect DEI to the overall business, DEI might progress but it won’t prosper. When it is important to the CEO it is important to everyone. There is nothing […]

Pulse Check: 3 Ways Millennials and Generation Z Are Driving DEI In The Workplace

  Here are 3 ways millennials and generation z are driving DEI and connecting it to the business outcomes and success of the companies we champion: Pressure Demand from Millennials for an authentic Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion effort is calling companies to take notice. The 2021 Deloitte Survey, the largest of its kinds, outlined the […]

Justice And Accountability

When we hear the word justice, what comes to mind? Generally, people believe that someone has been wronged and justice is the remedy to that wrong. Unfortunately, the word justice also comes with baggage as some feel it may be used to guilt others into changing policies, practices, procedures, and institutions unfairly. Justice is simply […]

Pulse Check: 2 Ways To Create A Safe Space For DEI Dialogue

How do we create a safe space in the workplace during these difficult times? While many of us would like the outside world to remain outside the workplace, we are all human beings. The reality is, what happens in our personal lives impacts our work lives and vice-versa. This means it will be hard to […]

How Executive DEI Buy-in Is Impacted By The 5 Executive Personas

As companies are coming to grips with the need for DEI, there are so many questions they have before embarking on a DEI journey. These questions include but are not limited to, does DEI work, is DEI a business driver or a nice to do, how can we execute a DEI plan without alienating parts […]

Doing Good Is Good, But Not Good Enough – Part 2

Part 2: Rituals, Reputation, Representation, & Responsibility  In part 1 of this 2-part series, “Doing Good Is Good, But Not Good Enough,” Reggie Ponder discussed how intent, interest, and impact are important to doing good. In part 2 of this series, Reggie will talk about the four important areas your organization must evaluate as you recalibrate […]

Doing Good Is Good, But Not Good Enough

Part 1: Intent, Interest & Impact  As companies recalibrate their engagement as corporate citizens, many of them are facing the reality that doing good is good, but not good enough. They are realizing that their good deeds and good intentions have not and will not have the impact they were hoping to make. Consequently, they […]