The term “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DE&I) often elicits thoughts of reprimand or is considered punitive – “uh oh, somebody did something wrong, we better get some DE&I training.”  We believe seeing others for who they are and what they’re capable of lifts the entire company and contributes to your competitive advantage.  We use our Strategic Areas of Focus to create Bottom Line Impact.

The Journey to Bottom Line Impace for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Quality Solutions

    These are developed when a workforce engages the best talent, with diversity of thought, approaches, skills and perspectives.

  • Performance & Innovation

    Performance and innovation are maximized through inclusive work environments, where the diversity we share isn’t about differences, but similarities. Threads that, when pulled together, create a strong and resilient, yet flexible tapestry.

  • Customer & Employee Attraction

    This is the the result of a positive reputation in all communities.  When an organization is known as much for how they positively treat people, as they are for products or services, talent is more likely to engage and stay engaged.

  • Procurement Gains

    These happen through mutually, beneficial partnerships with suppliers.  Purposeful, proactive strategies to involve diverse suppliers helps you do more for more of your customers.

“The Kaleidoscope Group helped us to score a 100 on corporate equality index and helped to raise diversity
as a business issue necessary throughout the agency. We actually have a story to tell when asked for new business input in this area.”

EVP, Global Human Resources Director

Starcom Mediavest Group

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