The Danger Lurking Behind External Benchmarks

When we kick off discussions about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) surveys, clients often say benchmarks are a requirement. When probed, they explain how “leadership will not take the results seriously without benchmarks.” They are referring to external benchmarks (also known as ‘norms’), which are used to compare their survey results to those of other […]

Managing Change: Stakeholder Alignment

Managing change is a complex process that entails engaging diverse and disparate groups of stakeholders. Often these various stakeholders have different priorities within the workplace despite everyone working toward a supposedly common goal of organizational success in one way or the other. However, when it comes to engaging these individuals and groups the process can […]

Employer & Employee Loyalty. Does It Still Exist?

Ask people about company loyalty today, and you’re likely to get a lot of different responses—especially generationally. The days of working for a single employer over the course of a career, earning a pension, and retiring at a relatively young age are gone. And they’ve been gone for quite a while. But that doesn’t mean […]

Can Too Much Inclusion Lead To Confusion?

Inclusion is not some nebulous concept. It’s a critical business priority that stokes innovation and increases organizational performance in real terms. Therefore, it’s important that inclusion is strategic and efficient in process and deployment to arrive at the desired outcomes. Some might believe that inclusion means everyone has a voice on every matter or decision; […]

Six Inclusive Ways To Take Control Of Your Career

The workplace continues to change and employers and employees are increasingly adapting to the so-called “new normal,” although the phrase is quite ambiguous. The days of a single employer, or even career path, are long gone, and seems they are never coming back. As one result, workers must take control of their own career paths […]

Why a U.S.- Centric Approach To DEI Isn’t Working In The Rest Of The World

The U.S. doesn’t own the rights to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) – nor are they the only ones who stand to reap the benefits.  The stats are global. The research is universal. When done right, attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion adds value to a company’s profile and richness to its culture. It boosts […]

How To Build A Diverse Professional Network

We all know how important a professional network is to our careers. But how often do we analyze our networks to see if we’re reaching the right people in the right disciplines and professions? And how do ensure that our networks are diverse—which is so important since the business case for diversity and inclusion is […]

Creating An Inclusive Workplace Learning Culture

In today’s competitive and very tight job market employee expectations of employers are shifting forcing organizations to do everything they can to attract and retain top talent. Some studies have concluded that the reasons employees are transitioning to new jobs include the expectations of better wages, benefits, career advancement, and flexibility. When we talk about “better […]

Helping Leaders Embrace Change

Do we demonize leaders too much in business today? Some would say yes, including the hosts and guests on a recent episode of the Becoming Inclusive podcast. Frequent guest and Kaleidoscope Group Executive Consultant Brian Johnson joined Reggie and Kat to talk about the important role leaders play in launching and sustaining a meaningful diversity, […]

I Don’t Want To Work Here Anymore!

In 1977 there was a popular song by country music artist Johnny Paycheck titled “Take this job and shove it.” The song was #1 on the country music charts and even crossed over into the pop music charts because it really resonated with people across America at that time.  Fast forward 40 years and that […]