Diversity Leadership Forum

We know that today’s diversity leaders are often working under incredible pressure in an ever-changing context to ensure their contributions bring value and sustainability to workplaces and communities everywhere. It can be a challenge for these professionals to develop and enhance their skills, and leadership and to access mentoring support.

To address this challenge, we have partnered with Engage Mentoring to launch The Diversity Leadership Forum. Developed by Engage Mentoring and delivered in partnership with The Kaleidoscope Group, The Diversity Leadership Forum offers diversity leaders an opportunity to access individual support and a nurturing community to help build their capabilities and increase their impact. 

Engage Mentoring is a technology platform that simplifies the mentoring process for participants and allows them to access critical relationships to develop skills, meet new people, and build lasting relationships. 

The Diversity Leadership Forum empowers diversity professionals to collaborate in a safe space with others working in the diversity sector. The Forum provides connections and opportunities for growth, allowing its members to serve as both mentors and mentees. Members of the Forum will benefit from Engage Mentoring’s leading technology and our diversity, equity and inclusion, and global business transformation leadership expertise.

Together, we are able to offer support to organizations of all sizes which means small and mid-size companies can now offer structured mentoring as a way to attract, retain, and develop talent.

Please join us for The Diversity Leadership Forum’s launch event on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, from 11 am -12 pm CST. To register, click here.