Embracing Differences: Understanding The Inclusion Continuum

2020 has been an unprecedented and unique year to say the least; due to COVID-19 families have experienced loss of life, loss of income, and there has been racial injustice followed by a very intense political season. Organizations and individuals alike have seen our differences amplified in adversarial ways as we try to deal with all of the aforementioned aspects of 2020.

In the midst of this, inclusion is hard work. Hard, technical, and skillful work. One important skill is the act of Embracing Difference, which is seeking to understand and honor other’s experiences and perspectives. Embracing difference is essential to creating inclusive environments, and we think a priority in a time such as this.

Organizations and individuals alike often struggle to demonstrate this skill consistently because of our mono-cultural orientation when it comes to things that we like, people we know and are familiar with, and things that we are comfortable with. Sometimes we develop strong preferences for our way of seeing the which prohibit our ability to act more inclusively and effectively with others who see the world differently.

If your organization is ready to take important steps to embracing difference, we want to help. Simply share your information below and we’ll reach out for a no hassle, easy conversation about your journey to inclusion and how The Kaleidoscope Group might be a valuable partner and guide.