Women’s History Month is both a celebration and a confirmation of the differentiated performance women bring to the table. This differentiation can be seen in our personal relationships as well as our professional responsibilities. And it is essential to the overall success of our businesses. Yes, there are studies which prove that teams with women out perform teams without women but Women’s history Month is not about convincing others of our value – it is about celebrating and encouraging women to lean-in to our differences to create value for our companies.

The celebration is necessary because many times we look at the numbers and they remind us that we have a long way to go to achieve equity. Sometimes looking uphill obscures how far up the hill we have come. This is a celebration of that progress. It is a celebration of the growing recognition that women are not monolithic and bring many qualities and attributes to their teams which makes teams stronger. It is a celebration of the growing cadre of women who are more confident and more prepared to share their strengths, helping companies and communities to become stronger in turn.

With this celebration comes a confirmation, one that says I can make it because I see others are doing so. This confirmation highlights the accomplishments of women as a spotlight to the path of success. When we see it, there is a confirmation we can be it. There is a confirmation that living in our strengths is what makes our organizations stronger. It is not our differences that are the problem as much as ignoring those differences which is problematic. I am proud and excited to celebrate, confirm and champion women trailblazers.

Woman are probably still one of the best kept secrets for differentiated performance.

Happy Women’s History Month!

Chere Nabor
Executive Consultant

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