Our Vision for 2022: DEI Is Not Enough

Over the last year, we have been reflecting on the divisions and increasing polarization in our world. We’re in a time where for you to be right, I have to be wrong. Where we’re all holding back from speaking our truth because we’re worried about how people will react to us. Where many are focused on addressing the injustices of the past rather than looking to the future.

At The Kaleidoscope Group, our commitment is to help our clients transform their organizations. We know when everyone brings their best self to the table with the best interests of the team in their hearts, we can all achieve more. When this happens and we are able to speak our respectful truth, real change becomes possible in our businesses, our communities, and our world.

Our word for 2022 is unity.

Unity isn’t about putting our differences to one side, but it is about everyone bringing their best self and effectively collaborating to achieve outstanding results. The traditional approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion will make things better but unity has the potential to empower everyone to transform your organization.

Unity means going from ‘you win, I lose’ to we all win together. It is being curious, learning from each, and distributing power equitably. It goes beyond getting everyone to the table to getting us all working for each other at that table.

For us, it is the natural next step on the diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Will you join us in working towards a unity that could drive change for everyone?

We invite you to watch the video below and learn more about our vision for unity and for change, and what we can do to help you begin to transform your organization.

In partnership,

The Kaleidoscope Group